Re: Is LyX usable ?

Mark Gray <> writes:

> Preben Randhol <> writes:

> > Only problem is that one use more time structuring the document than
> > actually thinking about the text itself.

Just write and enter the tags later (maybe, somebody will do it for
you); as a start this is enough:


> Also, there is a big problem in that the results are not easily
> searchable -- all the documentation created becomes more of a
> hindrance than a help when you end up having to grep the html output
> in order to figure out how to do something.

If you really want to grep the HTML files, just use "nochunks" to create
one big file.  Otherwise you should use proper XML tools to search the
SGML/XML file directly (who knows more on this issue?).

> > That depends a lot. SGML requires quite a lot of work when it comes to
> > maintaining a dynamical document.

Please, define "dynamical" in this context.

> > Also if you need to document
> > scientific applications DocBook won't cut it as it does not have
> > equation capabilities (at least it was so last time I checked).

I'm told the XML version already support MathML up to some degree.

> I am resigned now to learning DocBook, but it would give me a lot more
> confidence in learning "Yet another latest documentation standard" if
> it had more of the basic essential features that LaTeX, man pages, and
> texinfo have (and if the tool used to transform it was being actively
> maintained and documented -- Oct 1998 is a bit long in the tooth these
> days.)

If you're happy with Texinfo just stay with it.  For certain task I'm
using Texinfo and I like it.

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