Re: Is LyX usable ?

Karl Eichwalder <> wrote on 19/08/2000 (17:08) :
> Mark Gray <> writes:
> > Egads -- the latest lyx allows you to export in html -- my apologies
> > (I have not tried it in four or five years -- it certainly has grown
> > up a bit.)

LyX also has a docbook template, but how it works I don't know as I
haven't used it. More info =>
> But for the Help System we will need proper DocBook files (SGML/XML).
> It isn't that difficult to get use to the DocBook DTD.

Only problem is that one use more time structuring the document than
actually thinking about the text itself.

> I know some authors need a WYSISYG like system -- nevertheless in the
> long run SGML/XML files are more useful.

That depends a lot. SGML requires quite a lot of work when it comes to
maintaining a dynamical document. Also if you need to document
scientific applications DocBook won't cut it as it does not have
equation capabilities (at least it was so last time I checked).

Preben Randhol - Ph. D student -
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent", Isaac Asimov

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