Assertions and Such

OK, here's a question:

I've noticed that a lot of apps cause GTK assertions and warnings and
all that to be logged to the terminal they are started from.  Now, these
checks are disabled if the library is compiled as non-debug, right?

What would be the performance gain if distributed binaries had these
disabled?  Would it make much of a difference?

And, if these were disabled by default, then any distributed application
would have to be guaranteed to not fail such assertions, since the app
would crash a lot.  Would developers then make more effort to ensure
their apps are error-free?  I know that personally I won't even let a
piece of code of my sight unless it can compile with -Wall turned on...
I'm tempted to start using -pendantic, as well.  ~,^

What about distributing 'professional' libraries with these turned off,
then 'debugging' libraries for developers or testers of unstable
software.  Again, personally, I'd like as much speed as possible, and
I'd like to keep away from any software that can't run without
generating an error message... but then again, I'm INSANELY picky.

Or am I just a nut and does everyone think it's 100% fine to distribute
libraries with debugging info in them and use apps that generate error
messages and haven't had an update to them in months (I'm referring to
gnomba at the moment, which I'm having trouble getting to detect the
Windows machines on my network, although those machines recognize my
Linux box w/ Samba just fine, but now I'm way off tangent here.)

Or whatever.  Ya.  Do you guys like Led Zeppelin?  Caffeine is my
friend.  Penguin!!

Sean Middleditch

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