Re: Absolute paths

Tomas Ogren wrote:

> If you are running Solaris 8, it has crle which is kinda like Linux'
> ..

The primary reasons for having crle are performance enhancements. A side
effect is that you can fix broken apps and libs, but that should be a
short time setting for the transition period only. If you have 5 apps
which depend on some library and you've just noticed that the sixth one
doesn't work because you made a mistake when linking the library (or
something like libtool helped you to make the mistake) and now you have
to recompile the library and relink all 6 apps, it's fine to use crle
to give you some time, so you wouldn't have to do all that at once.

But too much playing with crle can be quite dangerous. It's not buggy,
it's just not well suited for that task when used by imperfect humans
(and it's impossible to use it within a script).

Attempting to create shared objects without RTFMing is fine if you want
to shoot yourself in the foot. But distributing those binaries is quite
irresponsible. Ask distributors to fix their packages. They have no

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