How to set a radiobutton option in a menu without calling its callback

Hi everybody, 

I have a menu option that has a set of radio buttons. The radio
buttons have a callback function (call it zoom_callback).

There is also a button in the interface that does a similar job, it
zoom in and zooms out. 

I want to synchronize the button in the menu every time the user
presses a zoom in or a zoom out button. The problem I am facing is
that the callback for the radio button is called.  I am doing it this


Why don't I do both --the push buttons and the radio buttons-- with
only one callback? THe reason is that I have more options by pushing
the button than by the radio buttons in the main menu. Is there a way
to set the menu option and avoid the callback?

thanks a lot!

Daniel M. German                  "Language alone protects us from the scariness
                                   of things with no names.
   Toni Morrison ->                Language alone is meditation. "


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