Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

Ali Abdin <> wrote on 11/08/2000 (21:25) :
> * Franck Martin ( wrote at 18:02 on 11/08/00:
> > gnome application created with glade to a gtk strict application. And I
> > found out that I had to remove half of the Gnome GUI (buttons, menus,...) to
> > recreate it manualy in GTK. I think this is the problem: the gnomeUI library
> > should be a GTK library.
> What exactly would the point of this be? You might as well just 'scrub'
> gnome-libs and fold it into Gtk+? It does not make sense to 'move everything
> into Gtk+' because then Gtk+ will become 'bloated'. 

I agree. It is best that GTK+ consists of the building bricks and that
gnome-libs has the composite widgets from those building bricks. What
I'm trying to say is that in an ideal situation gnome-libs would only
consist of widgets that are assembled from the basic GTK+ widgets e.i
not introduce basic widgets itself. However in the real world it would
at least be nice if the most useful basic widget made its way back to
GTK+ so that it is not bloated as you say, but at the same time has the
power needed. 

Not all of us use gnome-libs. I don't because as of now there isn't a
binding to the programming language I use, though there is an excellent
one to GTK+ ( When the gnome libraries settles
down in the future I hope there might be a binding though. But at the
moment I'm happier that there is a good and thorough thick binding to

At any rate it is better that programs are developed in GTK+ than some
other widget-kit. Isn't it?

I don't know much about the gnome-print libraries, but it would be great
if one could get printing capabilities in GTK+ too. :-)

Preben Randhol - Doctoral student -
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent",  Isaac Asimov

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