Re: Why GTK+ vs. GNOME?

On 15 Aug 2000, Alan Shutko wrote:

> > Printing surely does not belong to widget set. It is way too big and
> > complex, needing to handle:
> So what _does_ it belong to?  It doesn't belong to the app... we know
> what kind of nightmare that is.

Well IMHO it is best implemented as set of separate libraries, some of
them being operating system specific (i.e. installed with whole system),
and some implementing different frontends to core libraries. We want to
make gnome printing system desktop specific, to allow things like metafile
sharing via bonobo and print previews, but there can be totally different
frontend libraries for different systems. Out best inteest is to share:
- printer setups
- printer spooling systems
- fonts


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