Re: helix setup tools?

Adrian Hosey wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Steve Fox wrote:
> :
> : I would like to elaborate on this a little more. With the last release
> : of the Helix Setup Tools it was asked in the announcement for developers
> : and contributors. I am also somewhat reluctant to contribute to this
> : with the name Helix in it. I have nothing against Helix and I know you
> : only mean the best. It's just the whole idea that tools are Helix Tools,
> : not GNOME Tools.
> Is this really a big deal? I use and have contributed to Cistron radiusd,
> named for the ISP company where it originated. RPM is the Redhat Package
> Manager, but it's used by many more than just Redhat. Point being, it's
> just a name and if the name happens to come from the company that did the
> original work, fine. I think the license and the attitudes of the "core"
> developers is much more important than the name. I think Cistron is run
> much more openly than qmail (for example.) Being named after a company
> didn't hurt the openness of that project.

I guess you have a point. It just seems like more things are moving away
from being GNOME projects lately. I wonder what will become of GNOME
Office. Will it become Sun's OpenOffice or will GNOME office just use
the OpenOffice components? I just really like GNOME and I'd like people
to know that these great apps are available because of GNOME.


Steve Fox

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