Re: helix setup tools?

Linus not only GPLed Linux when he created it, but had everyone that
patches GPL and keep ownership of the code. Why? He wanted to make sure
did not own Linux. What would happen today if he did? M$ would have
it along time ago, and we'd be doing something else. I for one do not
giveing ownership of my code to anyone else for this reason, and I'm
sure I'm
not alone. Please reconsider the assignment of ownership thing. If you
wish to continue with the ownership, It would be much safer IMHO for the
ownership to be given to either the FSF, or the newly created GNOME
Foundation. The statement though that we want controll of it so we can
defend it is rather puzzleing. You can defend the GPL even if you do not
have control
over it.

> Adrian Hosey <> el día Wed, 16 Aug 2000 22:38:48 -0500 
> (EST), escribió:
> [...]
> >Is this really a big deal?
> maybe, but I think is mainly a wording problem.
> saying: "all code you submit will be mine" without explaining why,
> is not very polite.
> so it *will* make people relunctant to contribute...
> instead something like: "we prefer that your code submited be assigned to 
> HelixCode, so we can defend the code in case blah blah"
> is a little better...
> then again I agree that is better to assign the copyrigth of the code to an 
> organization like FSF, instead of Helix (buyout come to mind)
> sergio
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