Re: helix setup tools?

HelixCode  does have the point of only the copyright holder can defend the code.
So you must be willing to go to court and sue in case someone violates the GPL
over your code.  One can assume HelixCode has more resources to carry out a 
lawsuit than you can...  If someone violates the GPL over the Linux kernel, the
FSF can do nothing about it since FSF is not the owner of the code
in question, for example.

Of course, whether giving the ownership to Helixcode or the FSF is comparable
is another matter...

On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 10:46:25PM +0700, Bob Smith wrote:
> not alone. Please reconsider the assignment of ownership thing. If you
> still
> wish to continue with the ownership, It would be much safer IMHO for the
> ownership to be given to either the FSF, or the newly created GNOME
> Foundation. The statement though that we want controll of it so we can
> defend it is rather puzzleing. You can defend the GPL even if you do not
> have control
> over it.
> > 

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