Re: helix setup tools?

> 	Question: What is the FSF's policy on copyright ownership?  I seem
> to recall something saying that developers in the GNU project must subit
> the copyright to the FSF...(?)

If you are the author of a GNU project, you are required to integrate
your program as much as possible with the rest of the GNU Operating
System, comply with the GNU coding standards, etc etc.

But you are free to assign the copyright of your project to the FSF or
not. (I think some of the GNOME components are not assigned to the
FSF, although GNOME is a GNU project)
Generally, people who give their copyright to the FSF are doing so
because they feel they don't have enough money to sue or defend
themselves in court. Thus, it's basically a "service" the FSF gives to
free software programmers.

> --Derek


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