Re: helix setup tools?

> Assigning the copyright to the FSF means that if we want to change the
> license from the GPL to the LGPL we could not be able to do this as
> the FSF might want more code to fall under the GPL than under the

Instead of assigning the copyright to the FSF, why not transfer it to the Gnome
Foundation. The Foundation could gather the copyright from other companies
(Helixcode is not the only company working on gnome) too and decide when a
license change is OK or not. This could help Helixcode too if at one point it is
needed to change the Nautilus (owned be Eazel, right?) to allow it to be useful
to Helixcode.

I think it would also give more credit to the Gnome Foundation... anyway, just
my $0.02.


Jean-Marc Valin
Universite de Sherbrooke - Genie Electrique

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