Re: helix setup tools?

-> > the FSF might want more code to fall under the GPL than under the
-> > LGPL.

-> Instead of assigning the copyright to the FSF, why not transfer it
-> to the Gnome Foundation.

	FSF and Debian both have standing seats on the core "panel" (or
whatever it's called).  I would be a little worried about too much pro-GPL

	Also, does it make business sense for a company to turn over its
copyright to a third party?  I can easily see competitors (say, I dunno,
Microsoft? :) ) taking advantage of every other company's code whilst not
submitting their own code to the Gnome Foundation.  Companies must be able
to remain competitive, and having license control is one means by which
to accomplish that.

	There may also be legal implications regarding warranties,
liability, etc.  If Helix writes a buggy program, and somebody dies
because of it, could the Gnome Foundation be held liable?  

	Or, if Helix wants to go public, will the SEC let them if all
their assets (read: code) are "owned" by someone else?  Etc.

	I think the best thing to do is let individual authors keep their
copyright, and if one of the authors is not willing to re-license their
code under the license that Helix wishes to use, Helix can buy the
copyright from the author and get ownership (or else re-write the
functionality in a cleanroom environment).


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