Finding out the background pixmap

	I'm trying to obtain a pointer to the GdkPixmap that is currently
being used for the background image by Gnome.

	I tried creating a new GC and the probing it with

gc = gdk_gc_new( GDK_ROOT_PARENT() );
gdk_gc_get_values(gc, &values);
root_bg_pixmap = values.tile;

	...but 'root_bg_pixmap' turns out to be NULL.  So, what am I doing

	Another oddity: I've written a program which sets the background
image of the GDK_ROOT_PARENT() GdkWindow with 

gdk_window_set_back_pixmap(root_window, pixmap, FALSE);

	But when I set the background of Gnome Terminal to be
"transparent", it still uses the pixmap I set with the Gnome Control
Panel.  I.e., it doesn't really look transparent, but instead looks like
it *would* look transparent if I never ran my background-setting program
and the Gnome background were the one shown on the screen.  Eterm behaves
the same way.

	Can someone explain to me how the Root background image is

Derek Simkowiak

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