How does memprof work?

I'm going to retake EtherApe development after too long a parenthesis.

First thing I'm trying to do is finally fix all leaks. The current
version does not show any leaks under memprof, but it's definitely
leaking. Unfortunately memprof is lacking detailed documentation of what
it thinks a leak is, so I'm a little lost.

After a little chat in #gnome I found out that my problem could be
related to lost nodes in linked lists, which are the ones holding the
pointers to the memory being malloced. Since glib keeps memory for the
nodes around and single node lists self reference themselves, any of
those could be the reason for the undetected leak.

Anybody has any ideas of how could I deal with the situation?

Thanks. :-)

Etherape, a graphical network monitor modeled after etherman

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