Re: helix setup tools?

"Christopher T. Lansdown" <> writes:

> > The reason for asking for copyright assignments in Helix Setup Tools
> > is that it would enable Helix to relicense the code of Helix Setup
> > Tools in the future.  
> Sumamrizing:
> You're asking for copyright assignment because you want the copyright for
> non-Free purposes (notice the cap).

Unless I am utterly mistaken, evolution follows the same system and no one ever 
complained about it.

I remember that Bertrand Guiheuneuf (sorry for the bad spelling, cannot remember 
the right one) gave away his copyright on evolution mail backend to helixcode.

Libart also follows the same model in case you are interested and no one
ever complained about it: lots of people have contributed code to libart 
without asking these questions.

I believe that allowing these companies (libart has a company too, named artofcode)
to perhaps make some money is good for GNOME and should not be a major problem.

Mathieu Lacage <>

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