Re: helix setup tools?

> Unless I am utterly mistaken, evolution follows the same system and no one ever 
> complained about it.
> I remember that Bertrand Guiheuneuf (sorry for the bad spelling, cannot remember 
> the right one) gave away his copyright on evolution mail backend to helixcode.
That was kind of thim.  There are plenty of people who will do this, take
the bsd crowd for instance.

> Libart also follows the same model in case you are interested and no one
> ever complained about it: lots of people have contributed code to libart 
> without asking these questions.
see above.  This is basically the bsd model.

> I believe that allowing these companies (libart has a company too, 
> named artofcode) to perhaps make some money is good for GNOME and 
> should not be a major problem.
I hope that helix makes all the money that it can and I will probably soon
take a look and see what they are selling so I can buy something from them. 
However, asking for code assignments so that they can take stuff proprietary
is just utterly wrong.  This isn't the sort of company that makes sense to
be supporting with dollars or code (though the former is likely to be my
only real contribution to helix).

What on earth is the point of being an open source company but asking for
copyright assignment so that you can go proprietary if the open source thing
doesn't work out?

The fact that helix doesn't have enough faith in their ability to succeed or
enough convinction in open source to commit themselves to being an open
source company does not speak very well for their intentions.

Basically they're just asking for handouts to help build a unix-based
version of windows, complete with closed source and all.

Wow.  I never thought to see the day when KDE would seem like the more
likely path to a Free software environment.  Is this really happening? 

Miguel, is your vision really gnome everywhere without regard to gnu being
everywhere too?

And just when I thought that I was getting cynical enough, too.

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