Re: helix setup tools?

"Christopher T. Lansdown" <> wrote on 17/08/2000 (22:22) :
> I hope that helix makes all the money that it can and I will probably soon
> take a look and see what they are selling so I can buy something from them. 
> However, asking for code assignments so that they can take stuff proprietary
> is just utterly wrong.  This isn't the sort of company that makes sense to
> be supporting with dollars or code (though the former is likely to be my
> only real contribution to helix).

Say that Gnome becomes the "default" desktop environment in the future.
I'm quite sure that major companies selling computers (Compaq, Dell, HP
etc..) and also other minor companies will be interested in buying
support from a company like Helix Code. New features could be added or
bugs fixed to suite the requirements of the hardware or the user base
the computer is intended for. An example, my fathers computer has a
keyboard with additional keys that the manufactorer has added to ease
things like internet connectivty, cd-player control, printing etc...
To integrate this with Gnome would probably be interesting for the
company. It will most likely be cheaper to buy this from a company like
Helix Code as they already know the Gnome system quickly can add this
feature. I.e more cost effiecient.

But I don't think that one need to have proprietary software to be able
to offer this. It is the collective knowledge of the system that the
company has that is the real asset. Ada Core Technologies
( is a company which produces the GNU Ada compiler
compiler called Gnat. They sell support for companies, and the compiler
is under the GPL license. For more info visit the link (above).

Preben Randhol - Ph. D student -
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent", Isaac Asimov

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