Re: helix setup tools?

Bradford Hovinen wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Peter Hawkins wrote:
> > I was wondering very deeply about the status of the helix setup tools:
> >
> > >From the gnome-admin-tools/README.CVS file:
> > This code is copyrighted by Helix Code, Inc. If you wish to commit
> > changes, we require that the copyright for your code also be assigned
> > to Helix Code.
> >
> > Is there a good reason for this? I realise Helix are perfectly entitled to do this step, but it makes me extremely reluctant to contribute. I don't really want things I contribute to belong to helix.
> We require that the copyright be assigned to us so that we can defend the
> license (GPL) if it is violated. It's the same policy the FSF has on this
> issue. This will not, of course, take away from any attribution given to
> you for your contributions.

I would like to elaborate on this a little more. With the last release
of the Helix Setup Tools it was asked in the announcement for developers
and contributors. I am also somewhat reluctant to contribute to this
with the name Helix in it. I have nothing against Helix and I know you
only mean the best. It's just the whole idea that tools are Helix Tools,
not GNOME Tools. 

Is this even open to discussion?


Steve Fox

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