Re: helix setup tools?

Bradford Hovinen <> wrote on 16/08/2000 (14:09) :
> We require that the copyright be assigned to us so that we can defend the
> license (GPL) if it is violated. It's the same policy the FSF has on this
> issue. This will not, of course, take away from any attribution given to
> you for your contributions.

This strikes me as somewhat odd. 

1. Why not assign it to FSF if one is concerned about the licence?

2. This will make it possible for Helix Gnome to change the licence in
   the future without implicating all the contributors, won't it?

3. If 2. is correct what will happen with the licence in the future if
   Helix Gnome is bought by a larger company?

Preben Randhol - Ph. D student -
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent", Isaac Asimov

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