Re: helix setup tools?

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Peter Hawkins wrote:

> Hi there...
> I was wondering very deeply about the status of the helix setup tools:
> >From the gnome-admin-tools/README.CVS file:
> This code is copyrighted by Helix Code, Inc. If you wish to commit
> changes, we require that the copyright for your code also be assigned 
> to Helix Code.
> Is there a good reason for this? I realise Helix are perfectly entitled to do this step, but it makes me extremely reluctant to contribute. I don't really want things I contribute to belong to helix.

We require that the copyright be assigned to us so that we can defend the
license (GPL) if it is violated. It's the same policy the FSF has on this
issue. This will not, of course, take away from any attribution given to
you for your contributions.

> There's no license on the code in the CVS module either... could this be clarified?

There should be a file called COPYING in each module, stipulating
licensing terms (again, GPL). The directory organization for this module
is a touch different from that of most other module, because it is a
collection of mostly independent tools.

> =)
> Peter
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