Re: helix setup tools?

>Assigning the copyright to the FSF means that if we want to change the
>license from the GPL to the LGPL we could not be able to do this as
>the FSF might want more code to fall under the GPL than under the

But if the contributors wish their code to be licensed under the GPL (which 
is implicit if they contribute to a GPL'd project), shouldn't you respect 
their wishes? If people license their code under the GPL it's because they 
*don't* want it to be released under the LGPL, MPL or any other license.

I'm curious: what situation can you forsee where you would want to 
dual-license a Helix app? I really hope this doesn't have anything to do with 
getting Sun, IBM and HP to adopt Gnome by allowing them to develop 
proprietary code forks.


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