XmHTML or gtkhtml or other?

please advice which has better i18n support?
XmHTML or gtkhtml or other? and would you
give some classification/previous experiences
describing the i18n support in XmHTML/gtkhtml/???

(i ask becasue gnome-help-browser which seems to
use XmHTML cannot display a long chinese sentence
very well, it doesn't know when/where to oen a newline
in-between a long sentence of chinese characters with
no space in between. mozilla can do it well. english
have no such problem, cause there are spaces in a long
sentence so XmHTML/?? can open a newline after a space.)

and if neither XmHTML nor gtkhtml can do this, would
you give a suggestion/hint on how/where to fix it?
i may well work on it myself. :)

Thanks a lot!

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