Re: My app is not translated !

"Magnus Wirström" wrote:
> Hi
> Well... I know this is a stupid question .... And that it probably not
> belong here too... I apologies for that
> I want to translate my app to my native language (swedish) and I have
> made and edit the sv.po file ... in the po directory of my source tree
> when I compile it it still is in english as I first was writing it in.
> Do I have to modify something else too to make work ? I made the po from
> the POT file... did I miss something here or did I do something wrong ?
There are a few things to remember when you add internationalization
capabilities to an application.

1. All sourcefiles containing _(), or N_() marked strings must
#include <config.h>.

2. The language in question must be added to in the
top srcdir.

3. The message catalog must be compiled and installed.

4. The locale must be set to the desired language.

Kjartan Maraas

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