Re: glade starting points? (Re: What's wrong with VDKBuilder?)

On Sun, Aug 20, 2000 at 03:35:59PM -0400, Matthew Berg wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, kevin lyda wrote:
> > ada95?  stop the insanity!
> Having not programmed in Ada myself, I can't really comment. But hear tell
> its not as bad as I'd think it to be. :)

i did at uni along with a host of others.  with the exception of basic
(which to my knowledge was never taught at my school) i've never really
hated or disliked a language.  but ada got in the way more often then
others over what i consider petty syntactic detail.

but then i thought fp was amusing, so i'm just weird.
> > i'm very interested in this.  can anyone recommend a good spot to start
> > for a command line junkie/developer.  i have a project i want to do
> > but it has a gooey component.  before i release it i want at least a
> > first pass at the gui, so i want it done in a way that will make a
> > *good* starting point for a *real* gui developer (and not the ugly
> > stuff i slap together when required).
> What language are you writing it in?  You might want to consider not
> hard-coding the GUI at all.  Just build the interface with glade, save it
> as XML and load it from that. Then if someone takes over the GUI, they can
> just modify the XML file, or generate a new one, as long as they specify
> the same callbacks.

well since i'm kind of a language slut it'll be a combo.  i would like
anything that hangs about in memory for very long to be in c and to be
using shared libs likely to be loitering about the vm.  not that i'm
sure i'll need such a beast.

essentially a week or so back i mentioned my desire to make remote
clients a bit simpler to deal with, a bit more automatic, and a bit
more transparent.  i don't mind sshing or telneting about, setting
my DISPLAY var and wrestling with xauths, but most folks do.  i'd
like to make it cleaner.

so the idea is to create a framework to create connection scripts with.
expect would be best for most of those.  on the remote side of the
connection it might require some shell scripting.

the gui for controlling user prefs will eventually end up in the control
panel i suspect, but my initial try will be a proof of concept.  the
only lang i've done a gui in recently was perl with html.  (i've
found html based guis to be tolerable)  so your comment about glade
spewing perl was of interest.

but your comment about creating a glade specific gui that can then be
generated into any language is of greater interest.  again, links to more
info would be great.  i'm reading the docs enclosed with the helix gnome
version of glade.  however if there's some site with glade specific info
i'm interested to know more.



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