Re: GOB + Language Bindings.

Nice idea!

>From what I know Gtk+ widgets can be described by a some kind of format
language with Scheme-like syntax. The various language bindings parse
and use those descriptions to create the bindings for each language.

You can tweak GOB to create those descriptions for you, and then you can
use the scripts supplied in the languages bindings to generate the

Care to take the project?

	Shlomi Fish

On 21 Aug 2000, Bob Smith wrote:

> I was playing around with GOB, and I had a really cool idea. (IMHO :)
> GOB is used to generate all the harry GTK object code needed to create
> an object, freeing up the developer to just fill in the blanks. The GOB
> file contains basicly the API of the object being created. Since it
> contains this information, couldn't it be used not only to create the
> stub object, but also the language bindings for the object? GTK itself
> is mostly GTK objects. If GOB files were created for each widget, it
> could be ran through a progi to generate almost all of the binding
> automaticly. Only functions like gtk_main() and such would have to be
> bound by hand. (binding the few remaining functions could even be done
> with SWIG). From what I have seen, creating new QT widgets is fairly
> simple compared to GTK. But with a system like I described above,
> someone wanting to make a new widget just makes a GOB file, fills in the
> blanks in the code, and runs it through the gob-bindings. Not only would
> it create the C widget, it would also automaticly create the language
> bindings for the widget. The author wouldn't even need to know the
> language. It would then be simpler to create GTK objects then under QT.
> :)
> Comments?
> Bob Smith
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