Re: about incoming gnome-libs 2.0 and MDI

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Perhaps worth noting, the obvious way we should be implementing MDI
> going forward is via Bonobo, which has all the menu/toolbar interfaces
> that you need. So a nice MDI interface could just take an embeddable
> control instead of a special MDIChild widget, and stuff would just
> work. MDI children would automatically be Bonobo components, and any
> MDI app could automatically display any component in an MDI window.
this is a planned feature for GNOME 2.0 and I've already got some code
that does this. it requires only deriving a new class from the existing
GnomeMDI class and replacing a few relevant "virtual" functions. the
problem is that I think this will render the GnomeUIInfo method of
creating menus and toolbars useless for this Bonobo-MDI. then again,
this might be a good thing as it is awkward to use for complex
menu/toolbar structures and I'm rather unhappy with the API. 
btw, where does such a class belong - libgnomeui or bonobox?




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