Re: Is LyX usable ?

Mark Gray <> writes:

> A good tool to do this would certainly take away any objections to
> DocBook I have -- the Gnome Help Browser does not even have a search
> function built in.  (SGML/XML is exciting, but until I see Free tools
> that take advantage of that theoretical potential I am going to remain
> sceptical -- it looks like a lot of extra work just to produce html.)

Even if you don't see the benefits for the moment the future will show
them :)  Unfortunately, you continue to mix all things -- if you don't
belief in SGML just leave it alone.  Texinfo is a nice hack to produce
high quality software documention with minimal effort (thanks to Karl
Berry, RMS, and friends).  But it has its limitations.

> I have always believed that info got a horrible reputation because it
> clung to the complex counter-intuitive key-bindings that it uses for
> so long

You're mixing all things again.  There's Texinfo, the file format; and
there are tools to read Info files.  You don't need to write Texinfo if
you want to produce Info files.  The Python documetation was written in
LaTeX and converted to Info.

But you're right the recent standalone Info reader is a pretty useful

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