Hi everyone,
	    We've recently implemented online help for abiword. To do this
we need to open html in a browser. Orginally we did the following:

1. See if gnome-help is the available, if so open with that.
2. See if kde-help is available, if so open with that.
3. Otherwise open with netscape.

Unfortunately gnome-help does a terrible job of rendering the html so
I've cut out step 1. 

What I would most like is have a better gnome html browser but I'm sure
you all want that too and are trying to make it happen ASAP. In the
meantime how do I access the gnome control options that specifies what
browser to open help files with? Right now we just look to see if
gnome-help exists in the file system.


Martin Sevior
(Abiword Developer)

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