Re: gnome-help-browser.

Martin Sevior <> writes: 
> What I would most like is have a better gnome html browser but I'm sure
> you all want that too and are trying to make it happen ASAP.

Yes, most likely Nautilus will be used to display help in the future.

> In the
> meantime how do I access the gnome control options that specifies what
> browser to open help files with? Right now we just look to see if
> gnome-help exists in the file system.

It's a bit complicated, look at libgnome/gnome-url.c, gnome_url_show()
to see how it works.

I would just call gnome_url_show(), users can configure it to use
Netscape instead of gnome-help-browser if they want, from the control
center. On Red Hat at least it ships that way by default, even.


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