Re: gnome-help-browser.

* Havoc Pennington ( wrote at 13:06 on 22/08/00:
> Martin Sevior <> writes: 
> > What I would most like is have a better gnome html browser but I'm sure
> > you all want that too and are trying to make it happen ASAP.
> Yes, most likely Nautilus will be used to display help in the future.

Yes - I am working on this. Help in the future should render in Nautilus using
the Mozilla component (right now though it uses gtkhtml). You also do not have
to generate the 'HTML' in the future, you just install the Docbook file and it
will be rendered 'on-the-fly' using gnome-db2html2.

There are of course 'issues' with this - If anybody wishes to help, contact me


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