Re: Feedback: Panel, Applets and volatile preferences files.

Preben Randhol wrote:
> There is one concerne though and that is the applets and their
> preference files. They are too volatile. That is if an applet crashes
> (like the modemlights or the weather applet) the settings are lost. For
> me it is just annoying as I know how to set it up again, but for my
> father it is worse. I set up the modemlights so that he can use this to
> connect and disconnect to the net with this. The problem is that I had
> to change the settings to get it to work.
> Two days after I had left modemlights crashed and the settings was lost.
> I then tried to see if I could change the settings by editing the
> preferences file. I was sitting 800 kilometers away with only an ssh
> connection. That didn't work so in the end I had to talk him through all
> the wierd settings. Luckily modemlights hasn't crashed since so it works
> now (apart from a bug in the drawing of the applet).
> But my point is that if this applet had a preference file that was fixed
> and not just Applet_X_Extern, then it probably would have worked to just
> start the applet up again.
> Hope this helps. Thanks in advance.
My problem is other, but the result is the same: I lost my
configurations. I have very little space disk, and when it
is full, A LOT of aplications write your config files with 
a 0 bytes length file!! Is horrible!, I lost mail, icq info,
download files, passwords, etc. 
 Can this problem be solved with good programming ?

PS: sorry poor english
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