gnome keys sucks

I want to point this, because it's very annoying for me.

I think GNOME keys sucks. Excuse me my bad english, but what I mean is
that the "standard" keys used to move around the widgets (TAB), Menu
Accels (ALT-F for File), etc... not always works like expected.

Let's take some examples seen in many apps:

	Many of them doesn't have Menu-accels, others do. (Ex: GXedit).

	ESC doesn't close open/save dialogs, messageboxs, etc. Many times
there is a dialog with a textfield and a "default" OK button, but when you
press ENTER in the textfield, the dialog stays there. You have to click

	There is no accels for toolbar buttons. All the toolbar buttons
(New, Open, etc) must be point&clicked, no way to catch them with tab or
arrow keys.

	Many times there is no default focus for a widget. If you want to
use keys, you must point&click first. (ex: gnomecard)

	Selecting widgets with ARROW keys and TAB is pretty inconsistent
in GNOME, IMHO. Take a look at gmix: start pressing TABs and you can't
move away from the notebook label; start pressing DOWN-ARROW and you reach
The notebook label, and then Master Left Vol control, and then you are
sliding down that control instead of going to the next widget!! That
happens a lot of times, usually with list widgets, etc. Using ARROW keys
for this was a very bad idea, because not all controls act the same way.

	It happens to me that I have to play a lot with keys trying to
reach some control in many apps. Worst at all, you sometimes loose your
focus in the limbo (press ALT-TAB in GXedit).

	Another example: in Gnome Help Browser, ARROW keys are used to
move between widgets instead of moving the content-pane down... That's so

Finally, you guys have done an excellent job, but all of this inconsistens
makes me to desist of using GNOME. I'm used to press keys a lot, with
wmaker and 4 xterms, vi and many command lines typed per minute. That
means I usually never touch the mouse because I type faster than moving
it. Even in windows or KDE, the keys are pretty much consistent than in

Hope you can find a way to standarize this, no matter how you do it. It
doesn't have to be the same like windows or kde, it can and must be
better. But take a common decision for a consistent, GNU desktop.


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