Re: Solaris Installation problem and fix...

>From: Nils Lohner <>

>Actually, even when I do have it compiled and installed it does not find it.  I 
compile with --prefix=/sup and the gnome-libs does not have a -L/sup/lib in the 
compile line so it never finds the library.
>/sup/build/gnome-libs-1.2.3 > ls /sup/lib/libdb*

It's looking for a *.so dynamic library, not the *.a static library.  
Unfortunately I've found that I have to build the BerkeleyDB library by hand, 
and then follow their archaic instructions in the READMEs involving the use of 
ar(1) to build a dynamic *.so from that.  *Then* it works.  Before that I was 
having to hand-frig the Makefiles to use the static library for recent CVS 
Enlightenment code and Gnome, which stank =O{

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