Re: Panel lockups

I have re-written the pop3 checking code (in
gnome-core/applets/gen_util/popcheck.c) to be fully asynchronus and use
the appropriate glib/gtk IO callback mechanisms never blocking the panel
event loop. This has indeed fixed the problems that I was seeing, and
neatened up the code a bit too.

I have not, however, rewritten the IMAP code to use the new async
connect/IO code since I do not have access to an IMAP server. I was
wondering if someone interested in seeing the mailcheck applet work
properly with IMAP would be willing to give me an IMAP account on a
server somewhere (temperarily)???

Aside from that I guess the next hurdle is getting the code into the
CVS. Who is the best person to pester with a patch?


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