Re: patches and responses...

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Alan Shutko wrote:

> kevin lyda <> writes:
> > and at least two people *do* find this of value.
> Make me a third.

AOL! :-)

> gnome-terminal's session handling can definately be improved, and this
> is an easy way to do it on some platforms.
> While you're at it, could you have it remember the command line it was
> started with?  It would be really nice to use session management to
> save things like when I do a gnome-terminal -e "ssh devlinux" -t
> "Devlinux" but right now, it doesn't.

Perhaps bash should be modified to respond to saveyersewf command(yes, I
know there are implementation Issues), then it could save all the
environment variables, the history, etc.


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