Re: patches and responses...

>   scrolling.patch: Always use SCROLL_NEVER to (partially) fix a 
>                    redraw bug we couldn't figure out how to fix
>                    and couldn't get anyone else to fix. Slows
>                    down scrolling, obviously. If anyone 
>                    wants to try fixing it:

Ouch, i didn't realise you've been spending so much time on this
one.  Unfortuantely you are right, the rendering code is
insanely complicated (but really, it does work well).

I'll work on it today (bored with evolution anyway) and let
you know how i go.

> For gnome-terminal:
>   transientfor.patch: Set the prefs dialog transient for the main
>                       window
> Also a couple other g-t patches, but I think they are Red Hat specific
> (changing backspace/delete defaults, and some font thing).

Actually i want to fix that backspace/delete problem, but
there was a problem with the redhat patch i was sent because
of something i can't remember ... (or maybe it was another
keyboard patch, there's all sorts of keyboard patches that
do it almost but not quite right).


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