Re: gnome keys sucks

"Aldrin Martoq A." <> writes:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Michael ROGERS wrote:
> > I've heard several people complaining about hotkey support in Gnome.
> > Maybe we should get a small group together and add default
> > accelerators to everything we can find.
> > It's easy enough for the user to add accelerators (hover the mouse
> > over a menu item and press the key you want to bind to that menu
> > item), but not many users seem to know this and it's a pain to have to
> > configure the same hotkeys for every app.
> > I have some free time coming up, so maybe we can divide the CVS
> > projects among a few people and fix them all.
> Hi Michael, I have no idea of this feature neather how to do it. But I
> think it's a bad idea what you propose.
> Read "Let's Make Unix Not Suck, M. de Icaza", where you can find why we
> must stop all of this user-extra-hiper-configuration (like ~/.xinitrc)
> instead of a default policy.
> (

I think Michael was suggesting going through and adding default
accelerators, not changing configurability. We need to add defaults,
make sure dialogs with entry boxes are wired up properly, be sure GTK+
is fully working for key navigation, etc. It's a very good idea.
> I think we should contact the new "GNOME Foundation" and present the
> problem to them. Anyone is part of GNOME Foundation here? I knew that its
> members are mainly developers of GNOME or people selected by developers of

This list probably has 90% of foundation members on it, no need to
mail anyone separately. 


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