Re: gnome keys sucks

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Michael ROGERS wrote:
> I've heard several people complaining about hotkey support in Gnome.
> Maybe we should get a small group together and add default
> accelerators to everything we can find.
> It's easy enough for the user to add accelerators (hover the mouse
> over a menu item and press the key you want to bind to that menu
> item), but not many users seem to know this and it's a pain to have to
> configure the same hotkeys for every app.
> I have some free time coming up, so maybe we can divide the CVS
> projects among a few people and fix them all.

Hi Michael, I have no idea of this feature neather how to do it. But I
think it's a bad idea what you propose.

Read "Let's Make Unix Not Suck, M. de Icaza", where you can find why we
must stop all of this user-extra-hiper-configuration (like ~/.xinitrc)
instead of a default policy.

Creating a package that fix this problem is not a solution, because it may
be installed for a few people, or everyone has his own set of hot keys.
What could happen is that in my email app pressing CTRL+D opens a DIR for
one setup/user, and for other setup/user pressing CTRL+D deletes all the
selected mails (or maybe the same user that had to use a different

What we have to do is set a default policy for all the applications. A
default policy for GNOME about hot keys.

I think we should contact the new "GNOME Foundation" and present the
problem to them. Anyone is part of GNOME Foundation here? I knew that its
members are mainly developers of GNOME or people selected by developers of


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