Re: gnome-sound

kevin lyda <> writes:
> i could care less what the sound cards are driven by, just that they
> get managed by something that's aware of a network.
> kevin

You might want to talk to Tim Janik <> about this -- a
posting from Havoc Pennington when I was looking around for a
maintainer suggested that he was looking into working on a
replacement.  (I wrote him but am unable to locate his answer -- I got
the impression that he has a lot of work on GTK+ itself ahead of it
however, so I am not too worried about converting my programs to it
for now.)

I understand KDE is working on implementing networked sound, and that
there is a chance that the two sound systems will be consolidated.

Also in the same thread David Benson <> announced
that he was working on a replacement for esound that can be found at:

Hope this helps.  (If you or anyone finds out a place that keeps
people up to date on the future of gnome networked sound I would
appreciate finding out about it, because it is most inconvenient to
have to reprogram things at the drop of a hat.)

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