Re: gnome keys sucks

Michael ROGERS <> writes: 
> Can we use to develop a whitepaper on standard 
> keybindings? I'd like to get the KDE people to use the same defaults 
> if possible (actually they probably already have defaults; maybe we 
> can copy them).

Certainly, I can set up whatever stuff you need.

GNOME does have some standard defaults also, I just don't know where
they are written down. I think the stock menu items at least use
> Let's get some sensible defaults agreed quickly so we can start 
> fixing things - I don't want this to turn into another wm-spec-list.
> ;)

Heh. ;-) I think you'll find this keybinding topic leads to long
threads with many opinions and little or no rational reason to pick
any of them over any other. So someone will need to exercise their
executive decision-making skills.


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