Re: gnome-sound

>From: kevin lyda <>

>also, just like oss, is just a collection of drivers for sound cards.
>esd does something more.  now in fairness considering that ncd and others
>had already made similar systems i don't understand why esd had to be
>written as well, but regardless esd does for sound cards what x does
>for video cards.
>i could care less what the sound cards are driven by, just that they
>get managed by something that's aware of a network.

Well said.  And it also needs to be OS- and processor- independant, which esd 
is, and alsa isn't.

For instance, I'm currently running esd under Gnome 1.2 and Enlightenment 0.16.4 
on Solaris 9 Alpha on a Sun Ultra10.  Solaris 8 and 9 already offer sound mixing 
directly in the OS, transparently when talking to the device.  But that's not 
all esd offers - it's the platform independant library and the network awareness 
that made it stand out in the first place, and that's why Gnome and E both use 

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