Re: Gnome key bindings (was Re: gnome keys sucks)

On Thu, Aug 24, 2000 at 11:53:09AM +0100 or thereabouts, Michael ROGERS wrote:
> The KDE standard key bindings are listed at 
> <>.
> I propose we shamelessy copy them for our own benefit.  :)

Whilst I just _know_ I should stay out of this, I am not sure that 
you get any benefit here except that it at least creates one area
where GNOME and KDE do the same thing (at least as far as the user
is concerned.)

The only trouble is that I assume these must be Windows bindings,
cos they look pretty weird to me. And Binding anything to ^S is just
asking for trouble. Wait until someone hits that in gnome-terminal :)
(The mutt-users list has had "I tried to rebind this macro to ^S
and it hangs mutt" more than once as a Really Serious Bug.) Or would
it actually take over and do 'save' even if you hit ^S in gnome-terminal?

And ^Q is my reflex when I think I accidentally _did_ ^S. I would
be exceedingly irked by discovering that it quits the program before
I have undone whatever idiocy I just performed. 

And why on earth is help F1? I noticed that the links program does
this, too. Is that another Windows thing, or a Mac thing?

Um. I'm not intending to start a row, least of all on gnome-devel-list.
Perhaps there's a better place for this. But I think that you're 
going to irritate an awful lot of us who have never used Windows if
you use these. There's whole bunches of (alleged) defaults for keybindings
and control characters. The file is full of comments on
them :) Bash comes with two (three?) sets, for a start :) 

I wonder where they'd get implemented, too? Would these be another
thing that gconf would have to look after? Since I imagine that if
you change something, you want it to get updated immediately across
all your Gnome applications?


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