Re: gnome-sound

ERDI Gergo <> writes:

> (please schedule reading this mail to a time when you're calm, you will
> need your calmness:)
> Hi,
> I never quite understood why EsounD was developed in the first place. THis
> is a reinvention of the wheel (see NAS) and a misplaced feature (mixing
> sound channels belongs to the kernel) wrapped in one package. Actually, it
> looks like another instance of having an idea and hacking together an
> implementation without looking around for features or sitting down and
> designing it; in other words, it looks like your average late '90's free
> software solution.
> Plus, I've never seen an X terminal that would support EsounD, but I've
> heard of sound-capable ones that support NAS.

OSS did not support multiplexing from what I understand, but alsa
supports multiplexing now, as does the hardware on the upper end
Unices.  Standardizing on a network sound standard of some sort would
be nice if esound is to be replaced.

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