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> On 25 Aug 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > 
> > Also the issue with StarOffice.  I've used StarOffice a couple times,
> > along with ApplixWare, and my God did they ever suck horribly.  Is
> > StarOffice REALLY going to be the official GNOME desktop?  Why can't we
> > develop our own software?  We have Gnumeric, and AbiWord could be great
> > too if it got worked on more (its development seems Gods-awful slow to
> > me).  We have Dia, and GIMP, etc.  What true point is there to using
> > StarOffice?  I mean, options are nice, but there needs to be one
> > official office suite, and I honestly think GNOME needs its own, not a
> > borrowed office suite that isn't that good to begin with.  Porting the
> > code to GNOME-libs and bonobo would probably take more time than just
> > writing our own: I know I find development a hell of a lot easier than
> > porting code to new API's.
> The abiword hackers haven't been in touch with SUN at all about Star
> Office. We should do this but we've been too busy doing stuff we need
> for 1.0. Expect lots of Gnome (and other) goodies after the 0.7.11 release
> (due Real Soon Now). However 0.7.11 is mainly step along the way. Although
> we've made about 700 commits over the last 2 months a lot of it is behind
> the scenes stuff that isn't immediately obvious. Building a word processor
> is hard work. We will keep hacking though. Hopefully Sun will help us.
> We've already got the foundation they need. Fully GUI independence, an
> active and lively development community and other stuff they'll want too.  

OK! Is there a status page on the abisource site?  It's a lot easier to
keep track of this stuff that way than downloading CVS code, or trying
to make sense of most ChangeLogs.

> Cheers
> Martin Sevior
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