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> Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > 3) Drives and networks.  OK, this belongs back in #1, but here's
> > something else.  It's a pain to read the CD... first open /, scan
> > through till you find /mnt, then find the right drive... Windows drive
> > letters are weak in approach, but when selecting drives, its easy to
> > find.  Perhaps a way to scan /etc/fstab and find all mount points that
> > are of CDROM, floppy, ZIP, etc. format, and adding them to a special
> > list, so in the file selection, you can just click on CD 1, Floppy 2,
> > etc.  Something similar with the network drives would be useful too.
> I still like the way the Amiga handles this sort of thing... you can
> give any directory a label (e.g. "pictures"), and then access it using
> that label in any situation where you'd normally have to type or select
> the full pathname (e.g. "list pictures:*.jpg" to list all the jpegs in
> your pictures directory).  
> There are a few pre-defined system labels that point to the disks, ports
> and other attached devices, and those along with any labels you define
> yourself always appear in the standard file open/save dialogs, which
> makes quick navigation to different disks and all your favourite
> directories a breeze.

Hmm, I've never used an Amiga, but that sounds a bit nice.  How does the
system differentiate between the labels and actualy directories?

See, a system like this in the GNOME file-selector, or UNIX itself (that
will never happen, though, I'm sure) would be excellent.  If done
right.  WINE-lib ported apps have all the A: and C: and D: crap, but
they tend to not get all the drives... the lib would have to scan
/etc/fstab (or whatever file, I don't know if other UNIXes use a
different file for this).  Also, things like Supermount have to be taken
into consideration (I use Mandrake, and Gods do I love Supermount, when
it isn't screwing up my system... ~,^ )

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