Re: More Political Stuff

> Ah yes.  Netscape.  Put you hand up if you love Netscape.  Come on,
> don't all speak at once.  I don't find that Netscape brings X down.  It
> crashes itself very often ("killall -9 netscape-communicator" is the
> item just below "netscape" on my menu :-)  Not bring X down may just be
> a result of throwing sufficient RAM at the problem.

Maybe...  I just stopped using Netscape, actually... Perhaps I'll notice
an icrease in X stability.

> I don't think that anyone would argue that Netscape is a stable, well
> written program least of all in its Linux incarnation.  Important,
> possibly but not stable.

I hope Mozilla is better.  Galeon runs nice, although it is a tad bit
feature-less (the lack of right click to open a new window from a link
is incredabily irritating).

> That was aimed mainly at a justification for using Gnome OR KDE over
> random-collection-of-other-toolkits.  I prefer the look and feel of
> Gnome, but that's just choice.  KDE is consistent and easy-to-use.

OK then.  Just wondering.

> Fair point.  A repeat of the Enlightenment ordeal would be bad.
> IMHO Gnome lost a lot by plugging E as the "default" WM (OK, maybe this
> was a RedHat feature but the point stands).  E may be a good WM, but it
> was never suitable as a default choice for Gnome.  We now have Sawfish,
> a much more suitable program.

Yes, my point exactly!  I'd like to have that avoided in the
future.  ~,^

But from what I've been told, StarOffice should be nothing like what it
is now once integrated, and hopefully won't be an Enlighenment repeat.

> The best app will always be available.  It is in the interests of the
> distribution makers to ship the best apps around and I'm sure that
> the best office apps will be readily available to end users.  With Free
> Software, people soon discover which are the best apps and develop
> alternatives where there is nothing suitable.  Lock-in to a particular
> "product" is much harder to achieve with Free software and people can
> and do switch easily to the best app.

Ya.  Again, I'm trying to say from the side of the newbies, they want
the default to be the best, without having to figure out what the
alternatives are.

I'm big on converting people to Linux/GNOME, so I strive for simplicity
for the poor computer illiterate persons' sake.  ~,^

> Paul
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