Re: More Political Stuff

Sean Middleditch <> writes: 
> > 
> > Fair point.  A repeat of the Enlightenment ordeal would be bad.
> > IMHO Gnome lost a lot by plugging E as the "default" WM (OK, maybe this
> > was a RedHat feature but the point stands).  E may be a good WM, but it
> > was never suitable as a default choice for Gnome.  We now have Sawfish,
> > a much more suitable program.
> > 
> Yes, my point exactly!  I'd like to have that avoided in the
> future.  ~,^
> But from what I've been told, StarOffice should be nothing like what it
> is now once integrated, and hopefully won't be an Enlighenment repeat.

I would argue that the E ordeal was an example of the right thing
happening: E was used to get things working since it was all we had,
and as soon as something better appeared we moved to something better.

Yes, ideally we would have had something better to begin with, but we
didn't. Not releasing GNOME because E wasn't perfect would have been


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