Re: More Political Stuff

> Sean Middleditch <> writes: 
> > > 
> > > Fair point.  A repeat of the Enlightenment ordeal would be bad.
> > > IMHO Gnome lost a lot by plugging E as the "default" WM (OK, maybe this
> > > was a RedHat feature but the point stands).  E may be a good WM, but it
> > > was never suitable as a default choice for Gnome.  We now have Sawfish,
> > > a much more suitable program.
> > > 
> > 
> > Yes, my point exactly!  I'd like to have that avoided in the
> > future.  ~,^
> > 
> > But from what I've been told, StarOffice should be nothing like what it
> > is now once integrated, and hopefully won't be an Enlighenment repeat.
> > 
> I would argue that the E ordeal was an example of the right thing
> happening: E was used to get things working since it was all we had,
> and as soon as something better appeared we moved to something better.

OK then.  I think I understand the whole
StarOffice/Enlightenment/Whatever deal now.

> Yes, ideally we would have had something better to begin with, but we
> didn't. Not releasing GNOME because E wasn't perfect would have been
> silly.

Ya, again, that makes sense.  It's funny the way that always
happens.  ~,^

> Havoc

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