Re: More Political Stuff

Sean Middleditch wrote:

> > I would imagine that my father could install and use a Linux
> > distribution without too much trouble, if he was so inclined.  My mother
> > could not, but she could not install any other OS either.
> >
> Niehter of my parents, or my friends, can.  Most people don't want to
> learn even the simple stuff.  It's them I'm talking about when Linux
> isn't ready.  Linux is MORE than ready for me, it's all I use: I don't
> touch Windows, Mac, anything, unless forced to.

But what desktop is ready then? IMO windows isn't ready either (even though 87%
marked share). Even on windows you have to learn most basic things which you
don't want to learn. I have seen lots and lots of people sitting on windows
machines and not knowing what to do. Even the most basic message dialogs with
simple OK/Cancel buttons confuse them. Many friends aks me again and again how
to do something on windows, as if I did care. IMHO windows isn't more ready
than Linux for desktops from the ease of use view. The reason why people bother
themselves with windows and are willing to learn the most basic (complex &
confusing) things about windows is that they don't see any alternative. Windows
is the standart desktop (!). If they want to use a computer, which isn't
avoidable nowadays, then they have to go throu windows pain.
So if you can state an alternative and give it the reputation for being
usable (ease and available apps and cheap) then you could easyly establish a
new desktop. It all comes down to reputation !!!! As long as the general
oppinion is that there are not enough apps available and even linux user tell
fairy tales about difficult usage you will not be able to succeed in the
desktop market.
>From this point I even wellcome recent PR stuff related to the gnome foundation
anouncement. While it is confusing and companies like SUN etc abuse it for
their purpose, it surely creates reputation.


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